Phoenix Molecular Designs has partnered with Roche to develop a diagnostic (CDx) in parallel with our novel therapeutic for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Aug 16 19 - CDx Infographic Updated (Aarthi).png

This diagnostic assay developed through a Roche/PhoenixMD collaboration is a simple and inexpensive immunohistochemistry (IHC) test that stains tumor tissue for activated RSK2. This test will identify patients that will benefit most from our small molecule RSK kinase inhibitor, PMD-026.

Preliminary data indicates that 87 percent of TNBC cases express activated RSK2.  More broadly, an investigation of 600 biopsies has found that RSK2 is activated in 79 percent of tumors from a study of 16 different tumor types.  RSK2 has also been detected in breast cancer metastases using this method. 

Together, our drug and CDx will greatly improve outcomes for patients by accelerating their path to treatment. Ultimately we want to help women with this devastating disease and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.