At Phoenix Molecular Designs, our innovative strategy for attacking cancer is based on a sophisticated “lock and key” mechanism where our drug will fit specifically and precisely to a protein that causes the cancer to grow unchecked, and “unlock” the protein to trigger cancer cell death, without affecting the normal healthy surrounding cells. 

Most importantly, our drug is being developed to prevent cancer from returning because it potently inhibits cancer stem cells (CSC), the ‘seeds’ from which cancer can recur.  Our treatment is striking at the root of cancer recurrence, preventing the cancer cells from “rising from the ashes” like the mythical Phoenix.

Our focus is on treating one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer, Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), which currently does not have any approved targeted treatments.  Our patented cancer compounds position us in the lead to fast track our product to market as it fills an unmet medical need as an effective, safer treatment for a serious medical condition.  Our cancer therapy will potentially save lives and improve the lives of cancer patients.

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